Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fisking "The Speech"

From Deval Patrick's acceptance speech:

You know it's time for us all to get serious about expanding our economy, about building successful businesses large and small, and making good jobs more plentiful across the whole state and that it is just as critical to get serious about economic justice.

Hey, kids! Let's play "Spot the Socialist Buzzwords". I'll go first.

Got one!

You know that it's time to get serious about delivering both quality health care and universal health care...

And, that is exactly what we'll have under a Patrick administration. Quality health care for the rich who can afford it, and third-rate [read: rationed] universal healthcare for the poor, and all the illegal aliens who will be streaming across the border in droves to suck on that teat for the rest of their lives.

...and dealing once and for all with escalating costs.

And, you have a plan for this that doesn't mirror the medical malpractice liability reform proposals put forth by the evil republicans? Let me guess, Tom Reilly's going to advise you on how to establish state-regulated health care costs. It's done wonder for his financial backers sugardaddies in the auto insurance business. Free market be damned! Man the torpedoes!

You know that education transforms lives and that it's time to get serious about the need for ensuring consistent excellence in every public school in the Commonwealth, not just success on a test, as important as that is, but teaching the whole child.

"Teaching the whole child?" OK, whatever. I'm guessing there's a "village" involved wth that somehow.

And you know that we've got to get serious about providing a decent place in a public college and university, worthy of the preparation we demand of kids in public schools. And you know that to get serious about any of that and more we have to stop dwelling on the difference between the right and left and start focusing on the difference between right and wrong.

OK, how's this? It's wrong to give illegal aliens college tuition discounts, allowing them to take these "decent places" ahead of the American citizens who are funding that handout.

This victory belongs to the tens and hundreds of thousands [? - ed.] of Democrats and Republicans and independents who believe that we can do so much better and hope for so much more in Massachusetts. Who believe we don't have to agree on everything before we can work together on anything.

Tell that to the Democrat-controlled legislature, which has been obstructing progress in the Commonwealth for years, solely for the purpose of depriving the Romney/Healey administration of as many "victories" as possible, as he kicks off his run to the White House, and she, the corner office.

That is what the voters said today. Voters said 'no' to the Big Dig politics as usual and 'yes' to the politics of hope and possibility.

The voters who are saying "yes" to "hope and possibility", actually, are the ones who have already moved out of state and the ones who are planning on doing so as soon as humanly possible.

Voters said 'no' to the inside deals and mediocre performance of our current administration and 'yes' to accountability, candor, and leadership. Voters said 'no' to division and exclusion, 'no' to government by gimmick, and slogan and sound bite and photo-op, and 'yes' to lasting and meaningful reform.

Actually, voters pretty much stayed home, as is often the case in these mid-term, primary elections. Seems to me, everyone who wants to see Deval Patrick become the next governor (i.e. the energized leftist base) was out voting yesterday.

Someone do the math for me. What percentage of the total number of registered voters in the Commonwealth cast their vote for him? I'm only asking because people are already talking as if he's got some kind of mandate, by which to govern now.

Then again, we're talking lemmings here, so I woudln't sweat it too much - the same folks who denied the existence of any "mandate" for the president who received more votes than any other president in history.

blah, blah, blah...


A contest of ideas and not insults, of discussion, and not distortion...

Needless to say, after uttering those words, he immediately begins to distort reality. Shocking, no?

...of meaning and not just money...

Unless, we're talking tax dollars flowing into the state's coffers to pay for the illegal aliens' healthcare. Then money suddenly becomes quite an attractive factor in this contest.

...because you deserve and Massachusetts badly needs to best we have. And let's make it a candid debate, too. We should talk about business growth...

Like they're experiencing in New Hampshire?

...and how this administration has thrown up obstacles to growth in stem cell research...

Actually, the issue here is whether tax dollars should be used to pay for it. I'd propose substantial tax incentives to stem cell research firms to attract them to Massachusetts, and use that tax savings to help them pay for (insert trumpet fanfare here) jobs for Massachusetts residents.

Got that? Lower taxes = growth incentive = jobs.

Wow..that is complicated.

...and Cape Wind...

Ted Kennedy's our governor?

...and stood by while 148,000 jobs and 60,000 people left the Commonwealth.

Yes, those were all the people upset with Mitt Romney for trying to lower their taxes, prevent the state from being overrun by freeloading illegal aliens, and lock up dangerous sex offenders, and put the state's worst repeat drunk drivers behind bars. Who can blame them? Who'd want to live in such a place?

We should take about education and how this administration has starved public schools of the funding they need...

From the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (after all of 14, OK, 12 seconds of Googling):

In FY 1993, state and local spending on primary and secondary education in Massachusetts totaled 3.35 percent of state personal income; by FY 2003, that figure was 4.16 percent of state personal income. This change amounts to the largest increase of its kind among the fifty states; as a result, Massachusetts’ national ranking improved from 49th to 34th by this measure.

Overall spending grew between FY 1993 and FY 2003 when measured on a costadjusted, per-pupil basis as well. In FY 1993, total per pupil spending for primary and secondary education was $6,666, once interstate cost-of-living differences are taken into account. That figure grew to $9,431 by FY 2003. Consequently, Massachusetts’ national ranking for total cost-adjusted per-pupil spending (among the 48 states for which such data are available) climbed from 33rd to 19th.

Between FY 1993 and FY 2003, the share of primary and secondary education funded from the state’s coffers grew from 31.5 percent to 41.4 percent. This nearly one-third increase was the seventh largest increase of its kind among the 50 states.

But, I digress.

...left teachers to spend thousands of dollars of their own money for required materials in the classroom, left kids without books that they can take home and do their homework and study at home, and let our colleges and universities slide to 47th in the nation.

And, remember, the Democrat-dominated legislature, which can, and does with near-flawless regularity, override Mitt Romney's vetoes with a blink of an eye, has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with any of it.

How stupid does this guy think we are?

Don't answer that. I don't wanna know.

We should talk about crime and how this administration has done little or nothing while gun and gang violence soared on urban streets...

Yeah, and while we're at it, let's not forget that evil, uncaring, right-wing, Republican fascist, Boston Mayor Tom Menino, who told Romney to go screw when Romney offered to send in the state police to assist the Boston Police Department in the tracking and apprehension of the most dangerous and violent criminals in the city.

...and has closed detox facilities while heroin and Oxycontin addiction grew in the suburbs.

OK, I don't have the numbers on this. Anyone?

We should talk about the Big Dig and how it took a human tragedy to get the attention and focus of this administration on cost overruns and structural defects the rest of us have known about for years. And we should also talk candidly and honestly about taxes and how this administration's fiscal shell game is responsible for an explosion in the property tax and hundreds of new and increased fees for everything from parking in the school parking lot to playing on a high school team.

Why, Governor Patrick will FUND EVERYTHING! Sure, your tax rate will be in the mid-40's, but come on, people! It's such a small price to pay to finally achieve our Utopian "progressive" paradise. Now then, just keep your eyes focused on the Magic Hypnodisc, and Governor Deval will take care of everything for you.

Boy, if one thing is certain after last night, this race is Kerry Healey's to lose.