Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day of Reckoning

Well, the primary elections are upon us, at last. And, while nearly every poll as of late has Tom Reilly trailing his competition by significant margins, I know better than to call this election a done deal. I had my thumbs on the edge of the cork in October of '86.




That said, I will be voting in the Democratic primary this evening for Chris Gabrieli. I'll take the chance that his stance on gun control isn't any worse than Deval Patrick's, which is nothing to write home about - banning private transfers of firearms, limiting licensed gun owners to one-gun-a-month purchases and transfers, etc.

Yes, that trembling sound you hear is the gang member population of Boston, Lynn, Revere, Chelsea, Worcester, Springfield, etc. shaking in their shoes.

And, we all know where our would-be kaiser, Tom Reilly stands.

So, my sincere, heartfelt apologies go out to my coffee table this morning. I hate to abandon your campaign this late in the game, buddy, but I need to switch my vote to something more substantially anti-Reilly. Surely, you understand.