Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Bullet Hoser" Update

We'll start this post off with Big Shocker #3:

Police ID Killer In Montreal College Rampage

The gunman who opened fire at Dawson College on Wednesday was Kimveer Gill, 25, of Laval, near Montreal, a police official said Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity because authorities were not ready to announce it publicly yet. He also said police had searched Gill's home.


A woman who answered the phone at the Gill's home and said he was her son described him as "a good man."

"Just ask anybody. Ask the neighbors. He was a good son," the woman told The Associated Press. She refused to give her name.

Ask "anybody"? Well, I'd say asking Anastacia DeSousa, the 22-year-old woman he gunned down in cold blood, is kinda off the table. Tell you what, Mom. When the other six victims, currently in critical condition, come to, we can see how they feel about your murderous, scumbag spawn.

Also, from that same article, more "info" on the gun he used.

The gunman had a rapid-fire rifle and two other weapons, police said, without elaborating.

From the deceased piece of shit's website:

(click to enlarge)

Assuming that was the weapon he carried with him that day (confirmed, somewhat, in subsequent news accounts), we learn that the Beretta CX4 Storm, a semiautomatic pistol-caliber carbine, is now a "huge", "automatic", "rapid-fire", "sniper's", "assault weapon".

From the Montreal Gazette:

Gill's image gallery, which contains more than 50 photos, depicts the young man in various poses holding a Baretta CX4 Storm semi-automatic rifle and donning a long black trenchcoat and combat boots.

Spelling error aside, kudos to the writer who actually took the time to look up what type of gun he was writing about.

More pics here, from CTV News.

Expect these pictures to be seen by millions, now, transforming this piece of crap, now expired, into some kind of folk hero of the Perpetual Loser Class - pretty much just what he wanted from the get-go, I'd wager. Is it any wonder these deranged little shits do what they do?

And this gem from The London Free Press:

The shooter then entered the building, recalled Abdel-Malek Kettas, a 19-year-old student.

"I recognized the sound of a gun. It was an automatic weapon," Kettas said. "I saw the guy enter the school. Two people who were wounded were lying on the ground."

Meanwhile opens their article with the predictability of the sunrise:

Toronto, Sept 14: An Indian-origin man who "hated humanity" allegedly opened fire with an AK-47 rifle on a college in Canada`s Montreal city, killing a young woman and injuring 20 others before police shot him dead.

What are the chances that the gun in question was not, nor even looked remotely like, an AK-47? Please, round your answer up to the nearest 100%.

But the winner of the award for most overly-dramatic and seriously questionable reporting on this story goes to the Toronto Star:

The crack of gunfire from an assault weapon, a stalker in a long black trench coat, students fleeing in terror, blood splatter on the sidewalk and cafeteria floor.

We've been here before. And couldn't stop it from happening again.

Mayhem and murder on a Canadian campus. A lone gunman, random rat-a-tat blasting, scores of potential victims in the shooter's crosshairs.

The gunman stormed into the school over the lunch hour, with a scowl on his face and an automatic weapon in his hands.

Whoa! I bet the writer had to have a sip of water and cool down for a spell after getting all of that out.

And, the kicker:

He had, La Presse reports, parked his car close to the college, opened the trunk and removed: a 9-mm semi-automatic rifle [ayuh, that would be the Beretta - ed.], a .45 pistol and a bag containing a 12-calibre gun that can shoot four bullets per shot.

A what?

On a related side note, CBS News, that stalwart pillar of journalistic credibility, is reporting that not only was he a violent individual, but his blog was too.

Montreal Gunman Had Violent Blog

Bad blog! Sit!