Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's WTF? Post

Off the AP wire:

A man wearing military fatigues and throwing punches into the air tried to open the exit door of a jet during a cross-country flight on Tuesday night, airline officials and passengers said.

Just wanted to step outside for smoke, probably.

The man had been acting strangely for about 20 minutes before the incident, then sat up, wrapped belts around his hands and threw punches into the air, Wolfenberger said.

Wolfenberger said he heard a flight attendant yell for help and tell the man, "Sir, get your hand off the handle."

"Any time you hear a flight attendant shout 'please help,' you worry that something pretty bad is going to happen," he said.

Well, something bad did happen - from the perspective of the nutcake in question, that is.

Wolfenberger said he got up to help, but by that time, the man was being held down and punched by other passengers. Wolfenberger grabbed the man's leg and held him down. Air marshals then came and took custody of the man.

That's beautiful.

Until they ban duct tape from airplanes, you might want to consider hanging on to those almost-used-up rolls for use as emergency nutcake restraints. Couldn't hurt.