Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Another Gun Control Success Story

This one comes from the land of our gun-free, crime-free, happy-go-lucky neighbors to the north.

MONTREAL(Reuters) - Up to three gunman dressed in black army fatigues opened fire in a downtown Montreal college Wednesday, and early, unconfirmed reports said four people had been killed.

RDI Television quoted unofficial sources as saying that 16 people may also been injured in the shootout. The network said one gunman had turned his weapon on himself and committed suicide, while a second had been shot and killed by police. This could not yet be confirmed.

Good thing Canadian citizens are barred from carrying firearms. Someone might have been hurt there. Oh, wait...

The shooting took place in the cafeteria of Dawson College, in the heart of Montreal, Canada's second biggest city. The college has around 10,000 students aged from 16 to 19.

Given such a high concentration of defenseless victims, all trapped like cattle in a relatively confined space, these assailants could have inflicted just as much harm, if not more, had they been armed only with bats, machetes, box cutters, etc.

So, explain to me, again, the benefit of having all your citizens subjects rendered weak and defenseless. How can that possible be portrayed as a good thing? I mean, to non-criminals, that is.

[Robert Soroka, a professor at the college] said the shooting began at 12:45 (1645 GMT) and shots continued to be fired for about 30 minutes. He said he heard at least 20 shots being fired.

30 minutes.

The assailants had free reign of that building, after having unilaterally declared it open season on their helpless victims, for 30 minutes.

That's an assload of time to be subjected to the whims of homicidal madmen.

So much for "Just call 9-1-1."

We're talking more like "9-1-BANG!-thud".

The truly sad part of this story is that even if the Province of Quebec had enacted Vermont-style CCW laws, it's likely (as in 99.9999% likely), given the environment where this incident took place, that an overwhelming number of people there would have followed the advice spelled out in the Self Defense for Liberals Handbook to the letter, and CHOSEN to remain unarmed...FOR THE CHILDRENTM.

But, hey, at least they would have had the opportunity, as a free people, to make that personal choice on their own terms. Imagine that, a world where the government has no say in how you choose to use AND PROTECT your body! Now, THAT would be "progressive". What say you, Senator Barrios? Mayor Menino?

Surely, we can get the National Organization for Women behind us as we try to loosen the restrictions on women's ability to protect their uteruses from being perforated by psychotic gunmen. Right?

Yeah...didn't think so.

Hypocritical, leftist hags.

[A student who witnessed the assault] said the gunman was dressed in black army fatigues and had been armed with what looked to be a sniper's rifle. "I heard at least 20 shots."

Hmmm...that's strange. An eyewitness on the news tonight (NECN) described it as an "automatic weapon". Yet, the gunmen only got of 20 shots in 30 minutes? Not likely. They could have been shooting frickin' muzzleloaders to the same effect.

Shocking that a bunch of Canadian college students wouldn't have any clue, whatsoever, as to what kind of firearm was used.


"I saw the whole thing! It was an Uzi-Mac-47! One of those guns that fly north out of New Hampshire every summer, in V-formation, to flood our tranquil streets with death!"

UPDATE: And, here's a real shocker.

Today's shootings have renewed the call by gun control advocates to maintain the federal registry for long-barreled firearms.

Yeah, it's been such a smashing success up there, so far. And, real affordable too. Nice to see there's nowhere else in their budget where that billion dollars or so could have been put to better use.

"Every time there's a tragedy you have to ask 'How did this happen, where did the gun come from, was there something that could have been done?'

See above commentary.

It's evidence that we can do better," Wendy Cukier, head of the Coalition for Gun Control, told The Canadian Press.

Of course, if a plan fails, do more of it the next time.

Golly, it hurts when I put a belt sander to my nose. I must be doing something wrong, but I can't quite figure out what. Let me switch to an 80-grit belt and try again.

Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay said officials should explore every available option to prevent such mass shootings.

"As mayor of this city, I feel for (the victims), I care for them, as all Montrealers do," he told CTV News. "It's our responsibility to make sure that we'll do everything to prevent these incidents from happening."

"Every" available option, huh?

Sorry, but I gotta hoist le drapeau de bullshit on that little bit of Mumblespeak by the esteemed mayor there. Was there a clearance sale on really oblivious mayors recently?

Not all hope is lost, though, for our Canadian brethren.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in June that the effort to track down rifles and shotguns in Canada has been "ineffective, costly and wasteful and has not led to a reduction in crime with guns."

"Duck-hunters, farmers and law-abiding gun owners do not pose a threat to Canadians, criminals do," Day said.

You don't say.

According to Day, the legislation would "repeal the requirement to register non-restricted long-guns" while requiring "firearms retailers to record all sales transactions of non-restricted firearms."

The program was supposed to cost a net of $2 million to set up when the Liberals introduced it, but ended up with a price tag of nearly $1 billion over its first 10 years of operation.

Yeah, but that's only, what, $750 American?

UPDATE: Big shocker #2

It must have been the video game's fault!

A man with a black trench coat whose shooting rampage in a Montreal college killed one person and wounded 19 others before he was slain by police said on a Web site in his name that his favorite Internet game was about the Columbine shootings.


He said on the site that he liked to play "Super Columbine Massacre," an Internet-based computer game that simulated the April 20, 1999, shootings at the Colorado high school by two of its students that left 12 classmates and one teacher dead.

I'm guessing "Not Enough Hugs as a Child" is coming up next.