Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quite the Worthy Cause, Indeed

And, best of all, this one really is FOR THE CHILDREN!

Via the Mad Ogre (via KdT):

Let's help Tina get her rifle! A local girl here, age 10, wants a new rifle. Dad, an avid shooter, wants to help her get the gun, but also wants to teach her about Capitalism. She came up with her design for a sandbag rest and Dad helps make them. She's wanting an Encore in .204. Guys, she's the cutest girl and is an avid shooter in her own right. The rest is great. I was given an example and I am impressed. It's better than the regular commercial made rests that I wont name. They are using a walnut shell medium as fill... similar to what reloaders use to polish brass, but it actually comes from the oil field industry for use of absorbing industrial fluids etc. The bags have a good heft to them, but are not heavy. They have a good height to them... when I'm shooting off a rest, this is what I'm using now. Pricing is about 10 bucks plus shipping. These are great rests, you'll like them. Get one and help Tina get her new rifle. If you have a Blog, please, copy the picture and put a link up and help spread the word. When she's made enough money and gets her new rifle, I will post a picture of her with her new gun and with the biggest grin you've ever seen.The rest is essentially a pair of sand bags, filled with a walnut shell medium. The rest works fantastically well with a variety of weapons. Its easy to manage, not too heavy, and very stable. But let's allow the photos to tell the story:

(click to enlarge)

More pics over at the Ogre's place. Pass the word.

I'm getting several, what with the holidays Christmas just a few months away, and all.