Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've Got a Problem

But, it's a good kind of problem.

I got a $100 REI gift card for my birthday, and can't make up my mind on how best to use it. I stopped by the Fenway store this weekend, for starters, and picked up one of these, a nice little knife.

But, there's still $83.25 left on the card. What to do?

A new LED headlamp to replace the big, clunky, pre-LED headlamp I got some 15 years back?

A little AM/FM radio with earphones for the train ride to and from work? Now that we've relocated to our downtown offices, I no longer have free parking. Bummah, I know.

An over-priced Leatherman?

A pair of Motorola Talkabouts?

11 Bungle Bungle Boomerangs?

That is, if Tom Reilly hasn't ordered REI to pull these "dangerous weapons" off the shelves yet.

So many choices. Can you help a brother out?