Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Morning After

I'll have up a more detailed fisking of Deval Patrick's speech later on, but wanted to get this one out, before I forget.

Remember this delusional soul, and his "logic" behind casting his vote for Deval Patrick in yesterday's primary?

I wasn't planning to vote in the primary two weeks ago. Now I am, for Deval Patrick.

It's this simple: Patrick's campaign is running advertisements in which Patrick touts progressive Democratic concerns. On the other hand, Gabrieli has been running ads that argue, "It shouldn't matter whether an idea is Democratic or Republican, as long as it works."

That clears things up well enough for me!

Well, it looks like his hero betrayed his trust last night.

And I invite everyone in this state to join on this journey. We need the best ideas and the best people from all comers, Democrats, independents, and Republicans, to help turn our state around.

Lemmings are funny like that.