Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another More MA Gun Control Success Stories


And, it's a special Election Day edition.

Police in Webster said a woman who will celebrate her 81st birthday Sunday was robbed at knifepoint about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday on her way to vote.

No word on whether she then went on to cast her vote for Deval Patrick, a man who will see to it that elderly women in this state remain as defenseless and vulnerable as possible, while he enjoys the protection provided to him by a taxpayer-funded security detail.

UPDATE: Reader, Johnny, sends along this latest installment of "Massachusetts Gun Control Success Stories", from the Victim Disarmament Zone of Beverly, Massachusetts.

Five held in violent robbery spree

As one of their alleged victims clung to life in a Boston hospital, six people were in court yesterday to face charges for a string of violent, random robberies in Beverly last week.

New details of the robberies emerged during yesterday's arraignments, where Paul Bernard Cucinelli, Timothy Share, Sean Caldwell, Thomas Gross, Thomas Roys and Jamie DeAlmeida all pleaded not guilty to charges of armed robbery, felony larceny and, in the case of Cucinelli, Share and Gross, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. All but DeAlmeida were ordered held without bail as potential dangers to the public.

Their weapons: a metal club, which police believe Cucinelli or Shares used to strike a Montserrat College of Art student over the head around midnight Tuesday, and a baseball bat that Cucinelli allegedly used twice Friday, first on a man who was able to get up and flee, then on a Lynn man who was attacked from behind as he went to buy cigarettes on a work break near the Cummings Center, prosecutor Kate Hartigan told a Salem District Court judge yesterday.

Pop Quiz: Which of the following "Dangerous Weapons" did Attorney General Tom Reilly order all Bay State Toys 'R' Us stores to pull from their shelves?

A. Baseball bats

B. Plastic slingshots with ping-pong ball ammunition

Hartigan said the victim of the third attack is in "highly, highly critical condition" at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital and may not survive the massive head trauma inflicted by his assailants. If that victim dies from his injuries, the charges against some of the suspects could be upgraded to murder.

Perhaps, these nice, young men were just looking for some of that "economic justice" that Deval Patrick was talking about last night.

UPDATE: This one's a classic - a "Massachusetts Gun Control Success Story" combined with an "As the Revolving Door Turns Story".

Convicted Killer Arrested On Rape Charge

AUBURN, Mass. -- A convicted killer was arrested Wednesday for allegedly attacking a woman in her Auburn home.


"At approximately 10 p.m. last evening, Auburn police responded to a 911 call reporting that a female had been stabbed at her residence here in Auburn," Auburn Police Department Chief Andrew Sluckis said.

A convicted killer, an individual with a proven history of complete disrespect for human life, out walking the streets, instead of being locked away where he belonged, brutally raped and stabbed a defenseless woman?

Hey, it's nothing a little "common sense" knife control won't fix.

Grann had been out of prison for three years after serving time for killing his girlfriend when he showed up at the alleged victim's house Tuesday night.

Grann was a friend of the victim's ex-husband, so the woman let her inside her home. Once inside, he allegedly stabbed her, held her hostage for five hours and raped her.

"He did state to the victim that if he was going to be going back to prison, he was going to be satisfied before he returned to prison," Sluckis said.

This is the part in the story when all the subservient subjects of the Commonwealth, who find themselves in a similar situation, should spin the "Self-Defense for Liberals Wheel" and see what recommended course of action comes up.

Ready? Here we go!

Whirrrrrrrrrrrrclickclickclick, click,

Congratulations! You got "Run away!".

The woman was able to escape, police said.

"She was able to flee the residence to a neighbor's, and he again attacked her and stabbed her," Auburn Police Department Detective Jeffrey Lourie said.

Yeah, that worked out well for her.

Now, had that sentence above read, "The woman was able to retrieve a .38-caliber revolver from her bedside table and fire three shots, killing her assailant.", Dianne Feinistein would be utterly revulsed over the idea of one of the proletariate pretending she was some kind of high-ranking government offical. The nerve!

Then, once she recovered from her injuries, she'd face charges of "unsafe storage of a firearm" for not having a trigger lock on her handgun, and not storing the ammunition in a separate container.

"He grabbed the victim and held her and told the neighbor that she was intoxicated and was trying to hold her up. But, in reality he was still continuing to stab her at that time.

And, in reality (unfortunately) she lives in Massachusetts, where armed self-defense is discouraged, restricted, or entirely outlawed, depending on which "progressive" paradise of a municipality you live in.

The neighbor saw the knife in his hand and blood coming from her and realized that he was lying," Sluckis said.

Yeah, ya think?

Grann has been sentenced to prison twice for manslaughter.

Well, maybe he just needs seven more go-rounds, or so, through the system before his rehabilitation is complete.

The alleged victim was treated at a local hospital and released. She received 25 stitches.

Grann is scheduled to face aggravated rape charges on Thursday.

And, he'd better shape up, too. Another 74 strikes to his name, and it's possible he'll do some serious prison time.