Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Blind Man Could See This One Coming


BOSTON -- Two days into the race, the campaign for governor is heating up.

NewsCenter 5's Janet Wu reported that the head of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts accused Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey of "race baiting" and "hate mongering" in her focus on immigration and crime issues.

Wow, I figured it would take maybe a week or so before the Patrick backers started hurling cries of "RACIST HATEMONGER!" at Kerry Healey. Guess I was off by a few days.

"The negative campaign, the building yourself by tearing the other candidates down, the sound bites, the quick comeback, the gimmick and let me tell you, the Romney-Healey administration have perfected this," Patrick said.

Play-Along at Home Scorecard Update #1: Running ads that point out the differences between your positions and your opponent's positions is now considered "negative campaigning".

How come when Democrats in this state do that it's called highlighting one's "progressive" platform?

Shit, I guess Healey should just run ads saying she agrees with everything Deval Patrick stands for, and that everyone should just vote for him come election day.

"I think the language she's using borders on race baiting and I think that it is fear mongering of the worst sort. I think she ought to stop it, and she should not run a campaign that plays on the worst instincts in people," said Johnston.

Translation: She should not run a campaign that informs the voters of the differences between her and her opponent.

"I think it's a classic Republican tactic to look for and emphasize issues that divide us," Patrick said.

So, what would the Democrats like the Healey camp do? Run ads that only emphasize those issues where she and her opponent see eye-to-eye?

"Hi, I'm Kerry Healey. I'm, like, really against killing kittens with metal rakes, and, so is my opponent, Deval Patrick. So, vote for whoever you want. There's really no difference between us."

Sorry, kids. That's not how the game goes.

If your guy comes out and says he's in favor of giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens, his opponent has every right to state her position on the issue, and highlight the differences between the two.

Trying to prevent her from doing so by throwing the race card out there, when you know that the majority of voters agree with her on this particular issue, is pretty fucking weak. And, no one's gonna buy it, save for the morons who just voted to keep Dianne Wilkerson's disgraceful sham of a political career alive, for the time being.