Friday, September 22, 2006

This Sounds Familiar

I can definitely empathize with these folks.

Two of Lisa and Bill Kelleher's six kids have left the nest; two others are soon to follow. So in March the couple decided to downsize from their Tewksbury home, a 10-room Colonial.

Lisa called a broker. He planted a "For Sale" sign in the front yard.

Then they waited. Nothing happened. Not even a nibble.

Now, six months and nearly a dozen open houses later, the couple is calling in reinforcements. At the suggestion of the Kellehers' broker, Paul Healey of Century 21 North Shore in Reading, the couple hired a design expert for advice on what to do to finally catch a buyer's eye.

"We wanted to give our house that extra something to make it stand out," said Lisa Kelleher. "We're looking at it as an investment, money well spent to sell our home."

A lack of off-street parking seems to be the one factor that's really hurting us as we continue trying to sell the downstairs unit of our recently "condo-ized" two-family house in Roslindale. Here's my latest idea for what the article above would call "that extra something".

If [emphasis on "if"] dropping $2,000 at Costco for a 42" LCD HDTV on a swivel mounting bracket in the living room could get someone to buy the unit as fast as dropping the asking price by $5,000 - $10,000 would, we're talking a serious no-brainer here.

From next Sunday's open house (with repeated showings of Faith Rewarded on the new HDTV):

Wife (standing in kitchen): Oooh, honey, look. Granite countertops with an undermount stainless steel sink!

Husband (standing in drool puddle): "Sink, shmink, we'll take it!"