Saturday, September 23, 2006

Menino's Gun Buyback Was SO Successful...

...that the city's violent scumbag population is having to step up its armed robbery efforts, in order to scare up the cash for more guns.

From the Boston Globe:

Last month, a waitress at a popular Charlestown restaurant was robbed by a group of teenagers who hit her in the face with a baseball bat. They broke her nose and stole her purse, car keys, and cellphone.

Thanks goodness, armed self-defense is against the law for the people of Boston. It's so much nicer (and more "progressive", I have to assume) to see a waitress get her facial featured rearranged by a bunch of scumbags with a bat, than it is to see criminals and their violent actions thwarted at the hands of an empowered woman.

Don't laugh. This city and state, are governed by people who actually believe that.*

And, because Tom Reilly's third place finish in the primaries is no reason to stop bashing that miserable prick, I gotta say, thank God we have an Attorney General working tirelessly to keep stores in Massachusetts from selling those...oh, wait, did that Globe article say "baseball bats"? My bad. I thought it said "plastic ping-pong ball slingshots".

I get those two mixed up all the time.

While more violent than many robberies, the crime was part of a troubling trend: Robberies and robbery attempts in Boston are up by about 5 percent over this time last year.

I wonder how much higher that would have to climb for Mayor Menino to recant his statement that last summer's Gun Buyback Program was a "major success". Apparently, the armed, violent criminals are still out there, in even greater numbers this year, preying on the weak, defenseless citizens subjects of the Commonwealth.

I'm all, like, stunned and stuff.

What does the top brass at the BPD have to say on this?

In an interview, [Police Superintendent Robert] Dunford said he launched the weekly [BPD crime analysis] meetings in March to increase the department's responsiveness.

Great. You can now expect more cops to come to your aid AFTER you've been beaten and robbed (or worse). Note: this is what cops do. They show up, take your statement, and then begin their "investigation".

It is not the job, nor the obligation, of the police in your neighborhood to keep you free from harm. In a perfect world, that would be your job.

In a a perfect world.

Unfortunately, for the people who have to live in these neighborhoods where violent crime has become a way of life, Mayor Menino finds it unacceptable for mere commoners to actually take responsibility for their safety and well-being. Why, that would have the bone-chilling effect of creating less dependence on the government, a trend that would tear at the very heart of Massachusetts liberalism.

Besides, you might injure or kill a rapist.

And, he and his buddy Ted Kennedy hate when that happens.

*Disagree? Prove me wrong.