Friday, October 13, 2006



Crime Rate Spiking In Hub

A spike in violence on the streets of Boston has led to an increase in the number of homicides and lesser violent crimes in the city.


...murders are up 12.5 percent over the same time last year, and shootings are up 22 percent.

Must I repeat myself?

And, from

INFORMATION ADVISORY: Citywide Armed Robbery Pattern

Overview: Between September 30th and October 10th, seven commercial robbery incidents have taken place throughout the city that appears to be related. A black male suspect (age 20-30), similarly described in appearance and motive has robbed four gas stations and two convenience stores (two incidents at one location), all at gunpoint using a black handgun.

Well, Menino can pout all day long about how there are "simply too many guns out there", but, this unpleasant fact remains. All it takes is one determined scumbag with one gun, and a city full of people who have been rendered powerless to do defend themselves, and - voila! - instant "citywide" crimewave.

Thanks, Mumbles.

I'll be thinking of you as I'm walking back to my car around Chinatown at a little after midnight tonight. I hope no one from the local branch of the Strung-Out Junkies and Street Thugs Association has anything against traditional Scottish garb...or an affinity for really nice leather jackets.

You think maybe you could have one of your police officer buddies take a break from his busy night of keeping your sleeping ass safe to help me and my friends make it home in one piece, after an evening of enjoying some of the "many wonderful things this city has to offer", as you are wont to say?

Yeah...didn't think so.