Friday, October 13, 2006

Project B.A.R. - Friday, October 13, 2006

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Click here for details and RSVP info.

UPDATE: We're probably up around ten or eleven by now. Late word is it's gonna be a full house on Friday, so get there early. I have one table reserved, and they'll see what they can do about getting us another should we need it. [UPDATE 10/13: Table #2 confirmed! - ed.] But, as I mentioned earlier, the piano is conveniently located near the bar, so you could probably squeeze in there somewhere if you had to.

Mel starts playing at 8:00, so try not to be late. Mel hates that, and will hold it against you when it comes time to getting your song requests heard.

"Tardiness shall not be rewarded!"

- Mel Stiller

I'm planning on showing up around 7:00 for dinner. As of right now, the attendees list includes:

Adam G. from Universal Hub
David from Blue Mass. Group
Matt and Aaron from Hub Politics
Scotto from The Scotto Bloggo (a maybe)
Lori from Truth and Progress
Jen from Jenny Sais Quoi (love the blog name)
Jack from Jack Died
Mats from Internet128

Plus a few others who may or may not be actual bloggers (readers and stalkers also welcome), or whose names I simply forgot to list here.

One more thing...

Per the request of one of the aforementioned bloggers, expressing concerns about making an ass out of one's self in front of one's "blog rivals", Vegas Rules are in effect - what happens at the Roundtable stays at the Roundtable.

Though, I reassured this person that I'll likely make a bigger spectacle out of myself than any of you, so the chances are, no one will even notice your, um, indiscretions.

See you all there!

UPDATE: Now, what to wear? What to wear? I think I'm leaning toward the Nightstalker...goes nicely with the black leather jacket.