Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The People Have Spoken

And, it certainly appears, from where I'm sitting, that the ideological return to the Mike Dukakis era of "Results be damned - it feeeeels so good!" liberalism is soon to be upon us.

And, I use the word "us" in the loosest sense possible.

At 8:27 this evening, about the same time the AP was reporting on Deval Patrick's victory, we signed and submitted the offer on our soon-to-be new home in the "Live Free or Die" state of New Hampshire. If all goes well, we will be closing on the 12th of December.

Housewarming party tentatively scheduled for Saturday the 16th. Watch your e-mail for your invitation.

Temporary bunk space in the basement of Freedom House will be made available, free of charge, to any and all disgruntled Massachusetts residents seeking political asylum over the next couple of months, while seeking permanent housing.

Side note: Blogger's spell-check appropriately suggests "dosages" as an alternative to "Dukakis".