Friday, December 08, 2006


Though, I'm having trouble deciding which of these three items is more shocking.

1. That there's likely to be a whole bunch of "new and exciting" taxes on the horizon, courtesy of the Patrick administration.

BOSTON -- Gov.-elect Deval Patrick's new budget chief said Thursday that local option taxes on meals, hotels and other services should be one of the things the state considers as it seeks to create a stable long-term financial picture.

2. That the former Chief Financial Officer of Massport is "incapable" of finding the wasteful spending, against which her future boss rallied so vociferously during his campaign for governor.

Leslie Kirwan also said she isn't sure she can find the $735 million in wasteful spending Patrick said he wanted to eliminate during this fall's gubernatorial campaign.

3. That Deval Patrick's campaign platform of bringing about property tax relief seems to be holding up like a I-90 Connector ceiling panel.

At the same time, the outgoing financial official for the Massachusetts Port Authority said she isn't sure the state can cut property taxes, as Patrick said he hoped to do when he said he opposed a rollback in the state income tax rate during this fall's gubernatorial campaign.

It's all so shocking. Who could have seen this coming?