Thursday, July 12, 2007

Range Reports - Cliff Notes Version

I finally had a chance to take the "new" guns to the range today.

1. Baby Browning clone (.25 ACP), by Esperanza y Unceta (Spain)

The good news is, it goes bang when you pull the trigger.

Always a good sign.

I suspect that the magazine I got with it might not be the original one. It needs to be pushed in by hand to get the slide to close, when chambering the first round. Subsequent rounds cycled just fine.

The bad news is, after the first couple magazines through it, the pin (small dot on top of the slide in pic below) holding the extractor in started to creep up out of its hole.

Not a good sign.

Cleared the gun, took the slide off, and sure enough, a little tug and the pin came out the top.

Note to self: the next time you do that, be sure to hold the extractor in place so that it doesn;t go flying into the tall grass in front of the bench.

Keeping in mind that I spent a grand total of $0.00 (tax-free!!!) for this gun, I wasn't too bummed out by this. Can I assume that this piece is supposed to be shaped so that it can be inserted from the underside of the slide and not pop out the top of the hole?

If this is a quick fix, this gun is a keeper.

#2: Stevens single-shot shotgun

As a commenter pointed out in this earlier thread, It may need a new firing pin and spring, but it functioned flawlessly today. A great deal for the price I paid.

And, talk about hair-triggers. Yikes! :-)

Now, it's customary, at this point in the range report, to put up some pictures of the day's targets to show how well the guns performed. But, let's try this mental exercise instead. For the pocket gun, picture an 8" target with five randomly placed holes in the black. That's target #1 from about 20 feet out.

For the shotgun, well, I was shooting #8 target loads into the berm. at 25 yards just to see how it handled. Didn't have any paper on me big enough to capture it all. Sorry 'bout that.