Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy 10/22!

Here's mine.

Here's Michael Whalen's.

Here's (Gilbert, AZ) Mayor Steve Berman's.

Where's yours?

UPDATE: Post updated so as to avoid having to file this one under "This thread is worthless without pics!"

Three different stock styles, one great rifle.

UPDATE II: Here's Jim's.

UPDATE III: Continuing with our "Celebrate Diversity" theme, here's Yuri's.

UPDATE IV: Say Uncle says, "Meet Mr. Plinky."

UPDATE V: The Rattail Bastard chimes in with his, as well. Note the extra-violent folding stock. EEK!!! Hold me, Rosie!

UPDATE VI: Here's Andrew's. You think he's glad he made the decision to flee Massachusetts for life in sunny (and silent) Florida?

UPDATE VII: Sebastian's spray-firing bullet hose.

UPDATE VIII: Kevin Baker's tackdriver.