Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New York Times Blogger "Phones One In"

Here's a shocker! Someone writing for the New York Times has proven herself to be not all that accurate or factual.

I know. Say it isn't so.

On Fred Thompson's afternoon in Concord, where he signed his candidacy papers, Christine Hauser writes on the New York Times' "The Caucus" blog:

And that was his final remark. Outside the room where Mr. Thompson signed his papers, about a dozen supporters stood waiting for him, holding placards. But he exited through a door that put his back to them, and proceeded down the hall, not feeling the hand of one of his aides who tried to stop him.


Here's the comment I just left for Ms. Hauser.

Christine, were you even at the event?

First, there were about three dozen of us in the corridor outside the Secretary of State's office.

You do know how to count, I assume.

Next, Thompson did not turn his back to us, as [you would like your readers to believe - edit]. We had assembled in the corridor, so that when Fred came out of the room, we'd form a procession behind him and follow him out of the building.

We let Senator Thompson and the press get their photo ops, instead of surrounding him like a pack of hungry wolves and blocking off access by the likes of you.

Again, you were there, right?

Last, as for your implication that he immediately proceeded down the hall, without stopping to greet his supporters, perhaps you missed his arrival outside the State House, where he stopped to talk, shake hands, and sign autographs for anyone and everyone who was assembled there. Why go through that again. He does have a schedule to follow, you know.

And. when he left the Secretary of State's office, he stopped briefly for photographers, and then proceeded to walk out of the building with his supporters following close behind - as we had planned.

Perhaps, you're just upset that the kid reporting for the Scholastic News got a bigger photo-op with Senator Thompson than you did working for the mighty New York Times.

The best part is, I have the video of the both events (his arrival and departure) right here on my laptop as we speak. I will have it online later today to show everyone what a bone-headed write up this was on your part.

"Paper of record".


We'll see if that one makes it through the "moderation" process.

Here are the clips of the event. Hardly the picture Ms. Hauser is trying desperately to paint of a senile, cranky old fuddy-duddy.

And, the part about "not feeling the hand of one of his aides who tried to stop him", another total fabrication. You can clearly see his hand on Thomson's arm as he points out the kid who was there covering the event for Scholastic News.

I'd hate to see what Ms. Hauser would have written had Senator Thompson blown off the little kid looking to get his picture taken with him. I can practically taste the bile already.

Oh, and yes, Jeri is an absolute peach.

UPDATE 2:00PM: What do you know? My comment seems to have been misplaced somewhere over there. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting to see one where I told Christine Hauser she has the credibility of tree bark. I'll check back later, maybe.

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- Bruce

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