Monday, October 06, 2008

Will MA Voters Abolish the State Income Tax?


Ain't gonna happen.

Never in a million friggin' years.

Remember, this is the same body of people, who, just two years ago, voted en masse not to allow the sale of wine in supermarkets, having been told by the government that they weren't to be trusted to make such purchasing decisions on their own, lest they then proceed to mow down the innocent in supermarket parking lots throughout the Commonwealth in uncontrollable fits of drunken rage.

You know, the same prophecy of bloodbaths and destruction that was supposed to come to fruition when Massachusetts recently loosened the restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday.

And, that teenagers would be lining up by the thousands to start buying cases of Pinot Noir to kick off their own drunk driving fatality massacre. You know, just the same way Al Qaeda operatives have been flooding your neighborhood gun shop ever since the federal ban on guns that look scary expired back in '04.


No, I expect this initiative to be defeated quite handily, somewhere in the neighborhood of 58-42. A lot of folks down there just seem to get off on feeding the hand that bites them. Rational discourse has been replaced by hysteria, hyperbole and fear-mongering. And the people love it.

No, I can't explain it.

Believe me, I've tried.