Monday, October 06, 2008

It's "For the Children"?

Tammy Bruce on the Obama/Wright relationship:

If you had heard this sort of stuff from your own church or social group, wouldn't you have walked out and never returned? What can you say about a man that stays there and then brings the kids?

If that, alone, shouldn't be reason enough to send a candidate packing, I don't know what is.

Let that serve as yet another stark difference between Barack ObamaTM, the product (aka: the Bearer of Unity and Hopenchange) and Barack Obama, the man (who decided that his children's lives would be spiritually enriched by exposing them to Jeremiah Wright's anti-American, racist hate-mongering).

Guess which one will be placing his hand on the Bible and reciting the oath of office in January, if, God forbid, this country doesn't wake up over the next four weeks.

Some will say this is merely a right-wing effort to beat a dead horse. I strongly disagree. This horse never even came close to being killed when this story first made headlines.

As this controversy started to grow legs, and threaten Barack Obama's standing as a candidate for president, all The Product had to do is give a canned speech about his religious faith and the door was closed. The mainstream media felt a collective thrill run up their pants, and all but declared an official blackout on all references to Jeremiah Wright.

Those who dared challenge The Product, or the opinions of his operatives in the media, were immediately attacked by the Hopenchange Race Baiting Machine, and branded as hate-filled bigots.

Barack Obama's campaign deflecting any and all criticism of The Product by making vile, baseless accusations of racism.

Dogs licking their balls.

It's what they do.