Sunday, October 05, 2008

Journalistic Bubble Wrap

As if you needed further proof that the New York Times is little more than a PR firm working on behalf of the Barack Obama for President campaign.

What I find truly frightening about this election cycle is the fact that so many people are wholly enamored of, and are planning on voting for, Barack ObamaTM, the product, not knowing ANYTHING at all about Barack Obama, the man.

For the next 30 days, the liberal media in this country will be working harder than ever to prevent anyone from damaging their precious merchandise, wrapping it in layers upon layers of journalistic bubble wrap, while at the same time, doing everything they can to smear the integrity, honor, and reputation of its political opponents.

The main objective of our so-called "free" press, as far as this upcoming election is concerned, has always been to get as many voters as possible to fall in love with the happy, smiling family depicted in the Sea Monkeys ad in the back of their Archie comic books and get them to send in their check or money order for $1.25 by November 4th, knowing full well that what their customers will be getting in the mail in January will bear no resemblance to the advertised product.