Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How the Left Is Spinning the Gwen Ifill Story...

...and how the media will not.

So, the official response from the Obamapologists over the Gwen Ifill flap is that, since the information about her upcoming book was publicly available prior to the debate schedule being agreed on by both campaigns, the McCain camp either (A) knew about it and went along with it anyway, or (B) they were simply negligent in failing to properly vet Ms. Ifill's background.

The McCain campaign is saying they didn't know about her book when they agreed to the terms of the debate.

The Left is playing the "tough shit" card, essentially saying there's no way he couldn't have known about it, and his own fault for being so stupid.

Think about that for a minute.

Following their "logic", what they're also saying is that since, in their eyes, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the most intelligent, all-knowing beings in the known universe, they knew all about the book Ifill was writing and openly supported her being named as debate moderator, thereby willfully stacking the deck in their favor, presumably, to help Biden avoid being asked any difficult questions.

Where's the "new politics" of Hopenchange?

More importantly, what are you afraid of, Joe?

Surely, someone as wrapped up in the banner of open and transparent bipartisanship as Obama would have us believe him to be would speak out against naming a blatant Obama supporter with a financial interest in the outcome of the election as the moderator of such an important debate.

Unless, of course, all his empty rhetoric is, well, empty rhetoric.