Thursday, October 02, 2008

Need Something to Carry All That Kool-Aid In?

Try the Obama Designer Handbag, only $46.80 at the Boston Globe Store.

A powerful image, a powerful message...."carry a conversation" of hope and change. The Obama handbag made by FlashBag is the perfect head turning blend of fashion sense meets common sense. No handbag collection is complete this Fall without the Obama handbag.

Because you'll want to look as stylish as possible for your fellow Obamatron cultist friends, while you're reading the Globe's latest Sarah Palin smearjob.

(H/T to reader Jim. Thanks for the email...I think.)

UPDATE: Here's the screenshot, just in case that page mysteriously disappears anytime soon.

UPDATE II: Welcome, Michelle Malkin readers. Take off your coats and stay a while. Pull up a chair, and I'll go grab us a couple cold PBR's.

And, feel free to buy some stickers to help me beef up the ammo fund.