Saturday, March 14, 2009

Precious Metals in Short Supply...

...mainly lead, brass, and copper.

Via NES Forum: Sales of guns, ammo still high

Four months after the election of President Barack Obama, firearms and ammunition sales in Tulsa remain at a fever pitch.

Popular self-protection ammunition is often sold out at local stores, weapons are flying off shelves and the state reports an 87 percent increase in concealed carry permit applications for February 2009 over February 2008.


The surprise sales come with .380 caliber semi- automatic pistols. A relatively small self-protection weapon, it's not one that people typically fire in great quantity at the firing range, Prall said. Yet, the ammunition is now hard to find. "Nobody would have predicted that," he said.

Tell me about it.

Also, from the article, it should come as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention that Ruger LCP's are flying off the shelves as fast as the shops can get 'em.

As for the shortage of .380 Auto ammo, maybe one of my Boston-area readers can find out where Jizz got his, and we can try to put together a group buy.

UPDATE: From the comments at the article linked above.

Ever tried to use a civilian gun against the military or even SWAT team? Try it out sometime and see how far your pea shooters get. Republicans maintain they want guns to stop the government, while they insist on having a military capable of destroying us with a missile from thousands of miles away. Get real people and see that you over armed our government and that all the small arms in the world wouldn't beat the military. If you want true freedom from government intimidation, try scaling this military machine down first.

Another liberal making the woefully incorrect assumption that the men and women in the United States Armed Forces, individuals sworn to defend the country and our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, would be on the other side when the shooting starts.

Also, if the civilian versions of the weapons being used by our military are weak and ineffective "pea shooters", as this intellectual powerhouse would have us believe, why all the effort to have them banned?