Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Give Us This Day Our Daily Race Baiting Asshole

Surprise, surprise!

The loyalists in the MSNBC wing of the Obama Kneepad Brigade are responding to Rush Limbaugh's recent criticism of Barack Obama and his policies by labeling Limbaugh as a racist.

Gee, I never saw that coming.

September 2008:

OBAMA '08: Childish race-baiting you can believe in.

October 2008:

Those who dared challenge The Product, or the opinions of his operatives in the media, were immediately attacked by the Hopenchange Race Baiting Machine, and branded as hate-filled bigots.

December 2008:

Prepare to enter the Age of Obama and get ready for the new rallying cry of the "enlightened" class (which we certainly got a generous helping of during the presidential campaign).

"Dissent is Racist!"

February 2009:

That it's now our so-called "free and independent" news media perpetrating the exact same style of politically-motivated, race-based attack against their ideological opposition is beyond sickening. If this country doesn't wake up damn quick [read: like yesterday] from this mainstream media-induced coma of HopenchangeTM, we are rightly and summarily f***ked.

Dogs, balls, etc.

You know the drill.