Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Never before have so many tireless public servants worked so hard and dedicated themselves so completely to the economic well-being and fiscal stability of the state of New Hampshire.

Now, all someone needs to do (no rush, mind you) is remind them they're supposed to be working on behalf of the people of Massachusetts.

Boston Herald: Pols look to hike sales tax

Top state lawmakers are seriously considering a controversial and politically risky plan to boost the sales tax by one penny* to 6 percent, socking it to Bay State residents already facing possible gas and booze hikes.

"Politically risky"?

Excuse me?

There's nothing risky about it.

Why do you think these "stewards of the public trust" have worked so hard over the years to create an environment where a majority of the citizenry becomes entirely dependent on, and beholden to, the benevolent graces of those holding the chains of power?

Whether it's the state workers with their comfy six-figure salaries and their precious pensions, the union bosses and their faithful flock, the fresh out of college 20-somethings lacking fully developed frontal lobes, or the recipients of any number of "free" government handouts, they all have one thing in common - an insatiable appetite for voting for Democrats.

The voters have made their collective desire known. That being that the legislature is free to levy any tax, or tax increase, on any product, service, or monetary asset of any form, in any amount, and the people, in kind, will repay them for their generosity, understanding and kindness by re-electing them term after term.

Governor Hopenchange Jr. and the Democrat leadership (for lack of a better word) on Beacon Hill could enact legislation simultaneously outlawing the use of garden hoses in the Commonwealth, banning the civilian possession of 4-D cell "assault flashlights", mandating helmet use for pedestrians in congested neighborhoods, and levying a 10% methane reduction tax on baked beans and broccoli, and these vacuous turds wouldn't so much as bat an eyelash as they run down the ballot next time around and check off anyone with a "D" next to his name.

But, I digress.

Mr. Speaker, as far as this idea to hike up sales tax in Massachusetts is concerned, you have both my support and my undying gratitude. But don't you think 6% is a little on the low side?