Saturday, March 07, 2009

Welcome to Vacationland Taxationland

Dogs licking their balls.

Socialists taxing anything that moves.

It's what they do.

AUGUSTA -- Canoeists and kayakers would be required to pay a $19-a-year license fee to use inland waters under a bill that will get a public hearing next week.

Rep. Jane Eberle, D-South Portland, is the sponsor of LD 626, which requires anyone older than 16 who uses a non-motorized watercraft to get a license. Those who already have a hunting, fishing or trapping license are exempt.

Yes, you read that right.

If this bill is made law, you would need a license to paddle a canoe (or operate a small sailboat, I presume) on a lake in Maine.

I gotta tell you, I can think of a much better use for a canoe paddle right now.

The idea is to get so-called "nonconsumptive users" to contribute to the Maine Endangered and Nongame Wildlife Fund.


Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The idea is to squeeze every last penny out of the taxpayer to contribute to the general fund of the State, so that the Democrats in power can use that money to buy the votes needed to ensure their re-election.

Anyone who can't come to terms with that, and see through this tissue-thin veneer is delusional.

That said, I must now issue this brief, yet important caveat.

WARNING: Do not read the following paragraph if you have recently eaten, or are getting ready to eat, as it will likely cause immeasurable levels of gastric discomfort.

The license would be called a "Wildlife Enthusiast's Conservation Appreciation, Recreation and Enjoyment" license or WE CARE, according to the bill.

No, I will not be reimbursing you for the cost of cleaning vomit from your keyboard. You were warned.

I will be writing to this demented woman as soon as possible.

Here is her contact information:

Address: 187 Pilgrim Road, South Portland, ME 04106
Home Telephone: (207) 767-5005
Business Telephone: (207) 776-3783
Cell Phone: (207) 776-3783
Home E-Mail:
State House E-Mail:

I will let her know, in no uncertain terms, that if she gets this legislation passed, I will make it my goal in life to drive up to our camp in Sebago, Maine every damn weekend the ice is out and engage in illegal canoeing.

I will tell Ms. Eberle exactly when and where this criminal behavior will be taking place. And, I will promise her that any efforts taken by the State to locate me and cite me for violating this asinine fee requirement will result in a cost to the State that FAR EXCEEDS any fine I'd have to pay.

She's got as much chance of getting me to buy a license for my canoe usage as Barack Obama has at getting me to register my firearms with his Fascistic Bureaucracy of Hopenchange.

UPDATE: I just finished reading that Kennebec Journal article linked above. Who's up for another quick round of "Spot the Bullshit".

Rep. Anna Blodgett, D-Augusta, just a few months into her first legislative session, is taking on a big issue: background checks at gun shows.

Blodgett is sponsoring LD 814, which would require anyone selling weapons at gun shows to do an instant background check.

Apparently, federal law requires licensed firearm dealers who sell at retail stores to do background checks, but those who sell at gun shows don't have to, according to the House Majority Office.

Make no mistake about it.

Today's Democrat party represents nothing more than the death of freedom.

Whether economic or personal freedom, they want you to have as little of it as possible. They actually see themselves as the Benevolent Guardians of Freedom. To them, freedom is a dangerous commodity that must be carefully allocated only to select groups of people in measures they deem "appropriate".

Now, where'd I put my torch?