Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Gun-Fearing Wussy of the Day

We have a winner! Today's featured bedwetting, anti-gun wussbag is Newtonville resident, Jeffrey Charles, quoted in this article in the Newton TAB comparing the number of licensed gun owners in Newton to that of some of the surrounding communities. We'll get to Jeffrey in a moment, but we begin with this wonderfully biased opening paragraph by TAB writer Amanda McGregor, who gets the "GFW of the Day" first runner-up prize.

The next time you think about cutting someone off while driving along Washington Street, or agree to let your child play at the house of a family you don't know very well, consider this fact: More than 1,200 Newton residents are licensed to own a gun.

Implying, of course, that licensed gun owners are a collective threat to society, likely to start shooting up schoolyards in town with even the slightest (if any) provocation. It's a wonder people like Ms. McGregor here can muster the courage to leave the house with all these maniacal killers running free.

To the credit of the Newton TAB, they do include this quote from Don Kusser, a regional coordinator for the National Rifle Association:

"They don't seem to throw the book at people who misuse firearms," said Kusser, membership chairman of the Braintree Rifle and Gun Club, which he said has many Newton members. "If you're looking at the people being arrested for gun violence, show me how many of them have a license."

He continued, "If I live in Newton, and I put a sign in front of my house that says, 'Gun-free zone,' and the person across the street has one that says, 'NRA member,' which house is the criminal going to pick? ... It is my Second Amendment right."

And now for the opposing viewpoint from our winner (put you tinfoil helmets on for his one).

But Newtonville resident Jeffrey Charles still wonders if owning a gun is more dangerous than not.

"Most people who pull a gun get killed," said Charles, adding that he would insist that a family dissemble any weapons before allowing a child to visit the home. Owning a gun is "... just another way of getting another kid killed. I don't even think lawful people have any business owning a gun."

Fuck you, Jeffrey. Pull what's left of your malfunctioning head out of your ass and take a much-needed breath of reality. And don't even think about forcing me and my family to live in your sad, delusional world. Your refusal to accept any responsibility for your own well-being is just plain sad. You want to subject your personal sovereignty to the whims of others? Knock yourself out. Just don't get all bent out of shape if others refuse to get in line with you.

One more quote of note. Our second runner-up prize goes to Joyce of Newtonville:

"Why would you need a gun here? There's not that much crime around here."

So much for "guns cause crime", I guess.