Thursday, April 27, 2006

Puttin' the Dead Back In Deadbeat

...or, at least, trying to.

Dad allegedly shoots at son's computer

DUNEDIN, Fla. --A father fed up with his son for spending too much time on the computer, allegedly fired shots at the monitor, authorities said.

That'll teach little Timmy to blow off his math homework.

Langenderfer allegedly told deputies he was angry that his son had neglected the laundry and was spending all his time playing computer games. He told deputies the gun accidentally fired and the bullet hit the wall a few feet from where his son, Tim, was sitting.

It "accidentally fired". Uh-huh.

Tim, 22, called...

Excuse me??? Please tell me that was a typo, and that little Timmy is, in fact, only 12.

Tim, 22, called 911 and said he and his dad were arguing and his dad had just shot at him.

So, the father's a raving nutjob, and it turns out little Timmy is a 22-year-old who still lives with his parent(s) and spends the better part of his days playing video games.

Insert obligatory movie quote here.