Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Armed Robbery On the Rise in Boston

Who'd have thunk?

Boston Police go undercover to bust a 17-year-old, BB gun-toting thug wanna-be, suspected in multiple armed robberies of fast food delivery workers. The scumbag in question is likely connected to 11 such robberies in the area in recent months.

The owner of the pizzeria, noting the address as the same spot where two other robberies had taken place, alerted cops at Area C-11 to the phone order.

The residents of the address - who had nothing to do with the robberies and were not even home - did not answer, but the teen suspect ran out from the side of the house toting a BB gun that looked just like a Smith & Wesson .45-caliber handgun.

The teen got close enough to point the weapon square at the plainclothes cop's head, and Canuto dropped the food on the ground along with a small roll of cash, to throw his hands in the air, knowing backup was close by.

Boston Police Department: To serve, protect, and to make sure scumbags like this guy don't threaten the safety and well-being of the good people of Boston ... for a twelfth time.

Skipping ahead now to the very last paragraph of the article:

Fast-food delivery workers are easy targets for criminals. This year, 34 have been robbed citywide, according to BPD statistics. The number of armed robberies shot up this year, with 730 victims from Jan. 1 to April 20, up from 692 during the same period in 2005.

Thus, the Menino Victim Disarmament Plan thunders on. Though, I gotta say, it seems it's considerably more than just the "easy target" pizza guys being targeted here.

730 armed robberies in 110 days, and only 34 of those victims (4.7%) were fast food delivery workers? You do the math.

Well, OK, so I did the math. Scratch that.

You draw your own conclusion.