Thursday, May 18, 2006

If It Saves Just ONE Life...

No word yet on whether or not New York Senator Chuck "It's For the Children" Schumer is planning on pursuing legal action against the swimming pool industry.

WASHINGTON --The number of children drowning in inflatable pools has increased as the pools have gotten bigger, according to safety officials who warn that inflatable pools pose the same dangers as other types.

Because inflatable pools have become larger, owners do not empty them every night, increasing the risk, explained Julie Vallese, Consumer Product Safety Commission spokeswoman. The pools -- ranging in size from small wading pools to 4-foot-deep 18-foot-wide above-ground pools -- appear to have grown more popular over the past several years, the commission says.

Seventeen children drowned in inflatable pools last year, the commission said. This is up from nine in 2004 and 10 in 2003. About 280 children under age 5 die in pools each year.

After all, no one NEEDS a swimming pool.