Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Midday in the Garden of Peace

Alternate Post Title: Knannies of the Roundtable

Media Roundtable On Illegal Guns May 17 in Boston

Because, as we all know... guns cause crime.

Media representatives are invited to join a discussion of the problem of illegally trafficked handguns with a panel of experts from the media, law enforcement, and advocacy groups to focus on the question, "Where did the gun come from?" Since five out of six guns recovered in crime were bought illegally, it's vital to find ways to intercept the thriving illegal gun business.

Gee, I wonder if there will be anyone from the gun rights community present at this "roundtable" of "experts" to stand up for the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and balance out what I'm confidently predicting to be just another hand-holding, back-patting, gun control lovefest.

Where: Wednesday, May 17, the Garden of Peace, 100 Cambridge Street, Boston, Noon to 1 PM.

Where else? From Celebrate Boston, on the Garden of Peace:

"Each stone honors the memory of a victim and represents huge sorrow and great personal tragedy. Victims include babies, children, parents, siblings, a president, and a senator. Represented are victims of terrorists, guns, knives, and spouses."

Bad knife!

Details: Journalists can be effective allies in the fight against illegal gun trafficking by following the gun -- tracking crime guns to their source whenever they cover a shooting. Experts will be available who can provide local, regional and national perspectives.

OK, so who are these "experts"?

Who: Joe Vince, president Crime Gun Solutions and former chief crime gun analyst with federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau;

Meet the "Senior Executive Consultant" for Crime Gun Solutions, Robert Ricker (I thought that name sounded awfully familiar).

OK, that's one anti-gun rights seat at the roundtable.

Cathie Whittenburg, Executive Director Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence;

That's two.

Bryan Miller, Executive Director Ceasefire New Jersey;

That's three.

Pastor Bruce Wall, Global Ministries Christian Church;

Ah, yes, Pastor Bruce Wall of Silence.

"Dorchester peace activist the Rev. Bruce Wall - who has repeatedly decried violence in the city - yesterday interrupted a police interview yesterday and told a possible witness in a triple shooting case he should stop talking."

With friends like this...

Dr.Selwyn Rogers, Director of Surgery Center for Public Health, Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Gee, I wonder where she and her organization stand on the issue of private gun ownership. Why am I seeing the phrase "43 times more likely" coming into play here?

Invited guests include: the Honorable Mayor Thomas Menino;

No commentary required.

David Hemenway, Professor of Health Policy, Harvard School of Public Health,

That would be noted gun-grabber David "Citizens Who Refuse To Be Helpless Victims Cause Crime" Hemenway, for those of you keeping score at home.

and representatives from the Boston Police Department and the media.

I wonder if Kathleen "I'm So Outta Here" O'Toole or Sergeant Detective Ray "I Don't Know Crap About Ammunition" Mosher from the BPD Licensing Office will be attending.

The roundtable will be preceded by a press conference at 11 a.m. EDT as part of a nationwide series to kick-off a national Illegal Guns Campaign. Massachusetts activists will unveil a local counterpart: a statewide coalition, M.A.T.H., dedicated to thwarting the flow of illegal guns from within the state and from surrounding states with weaker gun laws.

Wow! Now, they're getting serious. No more "task forces", "committees", or "councils" - they're forming a "coalition"! They're done dicking around here!

Contacts: Nancy Robinson, president Massachusetts Million Mom March Chapters or 617-233-5363 or Sally Slovinsky, regional coordinator, New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, or 617-923-6450

Nope, no pre-determined outcome expected fom this little pow-wow.

I can't wait to read the Boston Globe's "reporting" on this event. They're gonna lap this shit up.