Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Memo To the "Reality-Based" Community

The Big Dig is not a Republican project.

The Big Dig is not a Democrat project.

The Big Dig, like any large publicly-funded project (coming under the purview of the state and federal governments), is a hack project. And, as the bluest of the blue states, we celebrate diversity in the field of hackdom. Affiliation with any particular political party is most definitely not a requirement for membership.

Matt Amorello is a hack of hacks, and, as such, enjoys the protection of his fellow hacks holding the chains of power on Beacon Hill. Why do you suppose the legislature voted recently to expand the size of the Turnpike Board by two members, just as Amorello was about to lose the majority on the board of members loyal to him?


The Big Dig was birthed long before Bill Weld moved into the corner office. The project got off the ground in the 80's under the watchful eye of such notorious right-wing nutjobs as Mike Dukakis and Tip O'Neill.

And, with roughly 85% of the cost of the Big Dig coming from the federal government, you'd be hard-pressed [read: retarded] to make the claim that this project was made possible by all the hard work done by all those Republicans we'd been sending to Congress all those years to secure those federal dollars.

As to the claim that Romney is ultimately responsible, because this tragedy happened "on his watch", well, that makes perfectly good sense, seeing how our Republican-dominated legislature has done everything in their power to keep control and oversight of the Turnpike Authority and its operations in Romney's hands.

Oh, wait...never mind.

So, when people read comments like this and this...

While you're asking Christy Mihos about that move...

See if you can find out whose watch this was on for the 1) design 2) construction 3) oversight 4) quality control 5) signoff for payment in full?

The Big Dig, 16 years of Professional Management, Oversight. Brought to you safely "on time" and "on budget" by the Massachusetts Republican Dynasty of Weld, Cellucci, Swift, Romney and Healey.

"Please remember to Vote Republican in November for 4 more years of Hign Level Professional Management." does little more than further reinforce in their minds how utterly clueless and/or ignorant some people can be.

Do yourselves a favor - take the blinders off.