Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chuck Schumer's Worst Nightmare

Being forced to live as an ordinary citizen for a day.

Among the thousands of frustrated flyers stuck at London's Heathrow Airport today is U.S. Senator Charles Schumer -- a jet-lagged casualty of worldwide delays and cancellations that grounded his family vacation.

Schumer said, "It's a nightmare, everyone's stuck, and our flight is apparently delayed until Sunday."

Welcome to the reality-based community, Senator.

The New York Democrat and his family arrived at Heathrow Airport at 9 a.m. London time today, but the plane was forced to sit on the runway for two hours before disembarking.

I weep.

When they finally got off the plane, they were greeted with the chaos caused by the arrests in a major international terror plot.

The Schumer family spent eight hours racing back and forth between Heathrow terminals just trying to catch up with their luggage.

Now, if only he can manage to get himself mugged, while visiting the gun control Utopia that is greater London, we'd have the perfect storm of news stories.