Friday, January 05, 2007

Reason #12,608 Why I Love New Hampshire

People like John and Margaret Ragonese.

Two elderly shop owners in New Hampshire found themselves face-to-face with armed robbers, and were able to fight back using everything they had Wednesday night.


At 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night, two masked men wielding metal poles walked in demanding cash.

Metal poles cause crime!

If only these backwoods, redneck states like New Hampshire would enact some common-sense laws restricting the sale and possession of metal poles, we could be free from violent crime, once and for all.

"When he approached my wife that got me kind of mad. Because I told him don't you dare touch swing that thing at her again, and I'll bust your head. And that's when I came out with the bat. I got my bat and I came out swinging and I wham right at him," said John Ragonese.

If that didn't bring a big-ass smile to your face, I don't want to know you. Seriously.

While 78 year old John, a veteran of three wars, wanted to protect his wife, Margaret also showed she could handle herself just fine.

"I kind of backed off. And I got my cane. And I hit him," she said. "I wasn't scared. I wasn't afraid. I was just angry."

And, she certainly wasn't a weak, compliant victim - as the powers-that-be, south of the border in the Peoples Progressive Republic would have preferred.

Why people like Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett Barrios and Boston Mayor Tom Menino would rather see this woman get her head cracked open by a couple of pipe-weilding thugs, than see her drop them on the spot with a lawfully-owned handgun continues to baffle me to this day.

The robbers never got any money and they practically pushed each other out the door.

Witnessed said they were last seen driving south on I-93 into Massachusetts, where their next victims will be less likely to open a serious can of whup-ass on 'em. and contrast.

Two teenagers are under arrest, charged with attacking and robbing the same 7-11 clerk in Attleboro twice in less than a month.

Attleboro police say they were called to an armed robbery at the 7-11 convenience store on North Main Street at 5 a.m. Saturday, moments after two masked men had beaten Mohammed Kahn there with a copper pipe and wooden stick before running off.

Gun Control: Because the right of a scumbag to beat you and your wife with a metal pipe is more sacrosanct than your right to prevent him from doing so.