Thursday, October 11, 2007


Headline: Ohio Gunman Had Violent Episodes In Past

The shooter was 14 years old.

CLEVELAND -- Public school officials in Cleveland have canceled classes Thursday, a day after a shooting rocked an alternative high school called SuccessTech Academy.

The 14-year-old boy who opened fire reportedly had violent episodes in his past.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer said Asa Coon had spent time in two juvenile facilities after a domestic incident. The paper also said he had been suspended from school last year for trying to hurt another student. And in addition to problems at home, the boy had a history of mental health problems and threatened to attempt suicide last year.

Monday he had been suspended from school for fighting, but he showed up Wednesday with two handguns and a bag stuffed with bullets and three knives. Police say he started shooting, wounding two teachers and two students before killing himself.

Police said they were at the boy's home on Monday evening for another incident and weapons were found inside, so the teen had access to weapons, WEWS-TV in Cleveland reported.

While, I am generally against laws that make it a criminal offense to not secure your firearms in a certain manner, regardless of whether there are children in the home or not, it seems to me that, given this kid's history, anyone who allowed him access to firearms and ammunition should share in the blame for this incident.

It's not like there weren't any warning signs.

To the idiots who let this kid walk out the door with a loaded gun, I send out a hearty "F*** you!" this morning.

We can now expect the anti-gun rights crowd to grab onto this story and use it to encroach further on what rights we still have, thanks to your monumental carelessness and stupidity.