Monday, August 18, 2008


The Ted Nugent concert is 24 hours away and I haven't got a stitch of camo to wear.

Alex Winston is opening up for Ted.

Yeah, I know.

Alex who?

Kid's got some chops, and a solid pop hook to go along with them. I'll probably get there early to check out her set.

...and her music.

UPDATE: Show's on.

Just wanted to give the Nuge a little shit for playing a show in a gun-free zone.

Head-to-toe metal detector frisking at the door.

UPDATE II: Whole lotta mullets goin' on.

UPDATE III: This show is decidedly non-MA-compliant.

"Free machineguns for the children!"

And a Ma Deuce on stage.

UPDATE IV: Well, that certainly wasn't a very "progressive" experience.

Nuge rocks!