Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Like Predicting the Sunrise

No Looking Backwards - 1/5/10:

On the heels of this latest Rasmussen poll, I'll give the "progressive" anti-tolerance movement in Massachusetts 48 hours before they fire up the Race-Baiting Smear Machine and start feeding talking points to their foot soldiers in the press.

You know it's coming.

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 1/8/10 (emphasis mine):

I received this e-mail from a Massachusetts resident and businesswoman (and I verified her identity through publicly available sources), regarding a phone call she received last night:

I got an odd call last night that presented as a survey on the Kennedy election. I was willing to participate in the survey but was left with a bad feeling when it was over. Today I am hoping to let a few people know. I saw your blog.

They identified themselves as McGrath [sic - see below] from Denver but I was unable to find anything on Google. The questions were obnoxious; for example: "would knowing that hate groups support Scott Brown change you opinion of him?".

Can someone invent for me, please, a collapsible, wallet-size shocked face that I can carry with me at all times. I keep misplacing mine.