Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick Heads-Up For My Local Readers

Union Leader: Ice storm to hit New Hampshire on Sunday night

An icing threat will set up over New England on Sunday night as soaking rain sweeping northward along the Eastern Seaboard meets outgoing cold air.

Rain, literally icy cold, will overspread much of eastern Vermont, New Hampshire and inland Maine. The onset of freezing rain will take place between late Sunday evening and daybreak on Monday with icing continuing during the day on Monday.

Seems as though it will a short lived threat, at best.

What will put an end to, and limit the impact of, this icing outbreak will be warming from the south that will spread through New England, even the far north of Maine. This warming and halt to the glazing will happen late on Sunday night and through the day on Monday.

Regardless, I'll be taking appropriate measures to prepare for it.