Thursday, July 07, 2005

Stop the Presses!

As David Letterman used to say, "Wake the kids and phone the neighbors!" A woman in Massachusetts has started a (gasp!) left-of-center blog! Wow, that's a real bold undertaking 'round these parts. [/yawn]

There's nothing terribly exciting, or even interesting, for that matter, in this article. It's a left-leaning write-up from someone who wouldn't know a conservative blog if it plowed into him head-on doing a buck-twenty on the Mass Pike. But I did get a healthy chuckle over this woman's take on the early American colonists who bravely fought for this country's independence from the English Empire.

"The current administration is just continuing what the Republicans have been doing for years - putting a nasty connotation on liberal or progressive," Goodwin said. "But if it weren't for liberal, open-minded thinkers early on, we'd all still be singing 'God Save the Queen.'"

Well, that's a real interesting [read: delusional] slant there, Susan. But, you seem to have misspelled the phrase "heavily-armed, independent thinkers, willing to fight and die for the preservation of economic freedom and personal liberty, concepts long-abandoned by today's 'progressives'". To even attempt to draw a parallel between John Adams, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson and Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton is immeasurably beyond laughable.

I can't say I'm terribly surprised, though, to hear such misguided rhetoric coming from the ideological camp whose Messiah and savior, Michael Moore, equated the terrorists who saw of the heads off civilians with the patriots of the American war for independence.

Say, how about a quick round of LeFtY LoGiC?

A. The American revolutionaries who fought for their independence from England were "liberal, open-minded thinkers".

B. The terrorists who are fighting coalition forces in Iraq are the moral equivalents of the early American revolutionaries.

You do the math.