Thursday, February 02, 2006

Life Inside the VDZ

That would be "Victim Disarmament Zone" for those who might be visiting for the first time, or are unfamiliar with our state legislature and its guiding principles..

Police identify suspect in New Bedford bar attack

Police are hunting this morning for an armed suspect who shot two people and slashed another inside a popular gay nightclub.

Bringing a gun into an establishment that sells liquor? Why, a gun owner in this state could get his or her gun license yanked for even thinking about doing that. What was this guy thinking?

The incident occurred about midnight inside the Puzzles Lounge on North Front Street. A bartender, who asked that his name not be used because he feared for his life, said a man armed with a hatchet, a machete, and a handgun attacked patrons before he fled the bar.

We should all be thanking God today that this troubled individual was unable to purchase a plastic slingshot in this state. Who knows what carnage might have ensued?

Police, who plan a press conference this morning, identified the suspect as Jacob D. Robida, 18, of New Bedford, and said he is wanted for three counts of attempted murder. He is described as wearing a black trench coat, and was last seen driving a 1999 green Pontiac Grand Am with a Massachusetts license plate, 85E-C58.

Wait, I'm confused. Massachusetts' "common-sense" gun control laws (again...the "most effective" in the country, according to the foolish sorts over at Handgun Control, Inc.) prohibit residents under the age of 21 from even owning a handgun.

The bartender said the man came into the bar, ordered a drink, and asked if it was a gay bar. He was told that it was.

A few minutes later, the man drifted to the rear of the bar where two patrons were playing pool, the bartender said.

Moments later, the suspect began attacking the men playing pool, pulled out a hatchet and attacked one patron, the bartender said. Another patron who tried to intervene was attacked with the hatchet.

Defenseless, unarmed citizens getting attacked by a hatchet-wielding bigot - a gun-grabber's dream come true. Why State Senator Jarrett Barrios continues to do everything in his power to render his fellow gay men defenseless against such brutal attacks continues to baffle me beyond measure.

The bartender said a group of patrons wrestled the man to the ground, but he pulled out a gun. He said the gunman fired one round in the air and then started shooting at the patrons. Police said two men were shot in the torso and one man suffered deep lacerations to this head. Two of the victims are being treated at Boston hospitals and another is being treated at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford.

Man, if only these folks had some plastic whistles on them.

The suspect fired several more shots and was running towards the door when the bartender said he confronted him. The bartender said the suspect pointed a gun at his face and fired, but the weapon misfired. The suspect then ran outside and escaped.

Let's review:

The only person in that bar who was carrying a firearm on his person was the criminal scumbag prohibited from doing so, thanks to our "common-sense", which were being obeyed at the time by the rest of the defenseless patrons inside. Isn't that nice?

Remember, when Barrios and his "progressive" brethren trot out the old rallying cry of "Gun control saves lives!", they're referring to the worthless lives of scumbags like Mr. Robida here.

Hey, Robida, you asshole. Bash this.