Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Moratorium (of Sorts)

Barring any major developments in the investigation and subsequent political fallout of the Big Dig tunnel tragedy, I am declaring a quasi-moratorium on further postings on the subject.

For your daily hourly blog fix of local Big Dig coverage, check Universal Hub, where Adam's been working on overdrive putting together his frequent blogger round-up posts.

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled blogging.

First up, this story from yesterday's Boston Herald:

A thug hurled a rock that shattered the rear window of a moving MBTA bus yesterday, injuring three passengers and sending a fourth to the hospital.

Sources tell me the Mayor's office is exploring new and exciting ways to prevent rock violence in the city, including suing the rock manufacturer for damages and starting up a rock buyback program.

Next, this "Compare and Contrast" post by Say Uncle.


D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey reacted yesterday to a recent surge in homicides by declaring a "crime emergency,"...

...the Palm Beach Post reports that Florida'’s crime rates have fallen to the lowest level since 1971.

I know. Shocking.

And, finally, from Zondo Deb at TFS Magnum, this tragic tale of what can happen when a child gets hold of his father's gun.

12 Year Old Points Gun at Burglars; Group Takes Off

Gun Control: Because forcing a child to watch his father get beaten to death in his own living room by a gang of thugs is somehow more preferable than educating that child on the safe and responsible use of firearms, making it possible for him to protect his family from harm.

Remember...if it saves JUST ONE LIFE!