Thursday, December 07, 2006

Damn It - Not Again!

I just broke the needle on my Ironicometer (rhymes with thermometer). That's the fourth one this week!

From the Boston Herald:

Michael "Mucko" McDermott, the mountainous computer geek who slaughtered seven co-workers in Wakefield, now says his conviction should be tossed because the Sept. 11 terror attack tainted his mass murder trial.


Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley's office, in protesting his release, states in court papers McDermott "murdered seven innocent and defenseless human beings for his own selfish and vengeful reasons."


Which of the following actions can be successfully eradicated through the use of legislation and "consumer safety" regulations?

(A) A psychopathic nutjob deciding one day to embark on a murderous workplace rampage, and "slaughter" his co-workers.

(B) A law-abiding citizen purchasing a firearm and carrying it on his or her person, for the purpose of self-defense and the protection of others.

Welcome to Massachusetts.