Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's Official

You can now add Bill Ayers to the ever-growing list of racist code words that...oh wait, never mind, I had that one on the list already, back in June.

And just to show the Obama Campaign and I are, in fact, working off of the same list racist code words, here's what a Democrat strategist had to say about Sarah Palin daring to mention Bill Ayers' name on the campaign trail.

“It’s a giant changing of the subject,” said Jenny Backus, a Democratic strategist. “The problem is the messenger. If you want to start throwing fire bombs, you don’t send out the fluffy bunny to do it. I think people don’t take Sarah Palin seriously.”

Back to the list now (linked above).

And, for future reference, here's the partial list of approved, non-racist words and phrases bearing the Obama stamp of approval:

Fluffy bunnies

So, don't you dare attempt to refute anything Ms. Backus has to say on this matter. She used the appropriate, pre-approved terminology.