Thursday, April 07, 2005

More Victims of Gun Control Safety

Following up on the earlier story of the 16-year-old girl who was "accidentally" shot to death, we now find that this wasn't the first time this family had suffered greatly at the hands of violent criminals in the land of "common-sense" gun control. Anyone who has yet to detect a pattern here is advised to put down the bong and quietly step away from the X-Box.

(Please activate the DHBA system at this time)

With girl's slaying, tragedy visits family twice

METHUEN -- Eleven years ago Christine Baltimore was inconsolable when her cousin, her favorite playmate, was killed in a violent home invasion. Eva Rojas was 7 when she suffocated after three male intruders sealed her mouth and nose with duct tape.


First the assailants had beaten Eva Rojas's father with a baseball bat, bound him with wire, and taped his mouth shut. Then they had rousted the young girl and her mother from bed and bound and gagged them. They had tied up young Eva and covered her nose and mouth with duct tape. The state medical examiner later determined that the girl probably suffocated within a few minutes.

The men also shot Eva's great-uncle seven times in a neighboring apartment and stole some jewelry.

I wonder how many more innocent, unarmed men, women, and children will have to tied up in their homes, shot at, beaten, and killed before the shit-for-brains politicians in this state wake up and realize that their "common-sense" gun control laws do nothing but provide armed, violent thugs with a ripe harvest defenseless victims.

Sadly, for that revelation to occur, rational thought and the ability to mentally process logical arguments must exist - concepts largely lost on those holding the chains of power on Beacon Hill.

The concept of gun control, or "gun safety" legislation, as it has been redefined and implemented in recent years by the liberal left in this country (and elsewhere - England, Australia, South Africa, etc.), is an abject failure.

Every year, more and more states are waking up to this reality and loosening the requirements for allowing their law-abiding citizens to carry firearms for the purpose of defending themselves and their families from the violent, predatory scumbags that walk our streets (I know, it's quite the radical concept). Sadly, many in power refuse to acknowledge this or act accordingly.

The mayor of Lawrence sure as hell doesn't get it.

The mayor's office also is working with youth groups to encourage young people to turn in their weapons in Baltimore's memory...

Hey, I got a real swell idea. After everyone's turned in their scary, evil guns, let's all jam flowers up our ass and listen to Donovan albums while we work on our macrame projects. That'll really show 'em how serious we are about fighting violent crime in our communities.

I don't think I'll ever understand why the "progressive" leadership of our enlightened commonwealth just outright refuses to accept the following reality. Until the citizens of Massachusetts are finally able to reclaim the God-given right to protect themselves from evil, stories like this will continue to flood the front pages, and innocent lives will be lost.

Compassionate Party of the People, yeah right.