Friday, June 09, 2006

Headcheck, Aisle Five!

Isn't this nice?

Republican U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave's re-election campaign was already heated, and it just got smelly as well: Her staff accused a Democratic activist Thursday of leaving an envelope full of dog feces at Musgrave's Greeley office.


[Kathleen Ensz, vice chairwoman of Colorado Senate District 13 Democratic Central Committee] told The Associated Press she left the envelope at Musgrave's office but said it "wasn't in the office doors, it was in the foyer." Asked what she meant by the act, she declined comment.

Jesus, lady, what are you, twelve?

Michelle Malkin has more.

So who is Kathleen Ensz?

Let's see. Any guesses as to where she got her master's degree? You'll be shocked, I'm sure.

And, here's Ms. Ensz, speaking in support of Democrat Stan Matsunaka, Marilyn Musgrave's opponent in 2004.

Kathy Ensz of Greeley said after a recent Matsunaka stop that his ability to get people from both parties to work for solutions to transportation and education woes would be a welcome relief to the district.

"We're sitting on a powder keg now, and Stan can defuse that," Ensz said. "He can get people to reach across the table and work together."

Because, nothing helps to foster the spirit of teamwork, and mature political discourse, quite like delivering an envelope full of feces to the offices of your candidate's opponent.

And earlier this year, following a local immigration policy forum:

Greeley resident Kathy Ensz said while the forum was important in educating the community, the message failed to reach enough people.

And, who better to educate us on how to best "deliver a message"?