Thursday, June 08, 2006

How To Dispose of a Murder Weapon

From yesterday's Boston Globe:

Two dead in Dorchester shootings

Two men were shot to death on the streets of Dorchester this afternoon, Boston Police said.

The shooting occurred shortly before 2 p.m. at 189 Bowdoin Street. The men were rushed to Boston Medical Center where they were pronounced dead.

Police are asking for the public's help in the slayings.

I hope they get it too, because in just four days, the killer will be able to walk into the United Church of Christ at 637 Washington St. in Dorchester at lunchtime, drop the gun off, and walk right out, no questions asked, with a $200 MumbleCard fresh in hand.

Two people dead.

One gun in custody.

One cold-blooded killer still walking the streets, free to kill again.

Boston Police spokesman John Boyle said investigators have no suspects or motive in the slayings.

Yeah, but in four days (if they're lucky), the police will have the guilty gun behind bars.

Then, they'll be able to trace the gun (if they're lucky), via its serial number (if they're lucky, and it hasn't been filed off) back to the original owner.

And - VOILA! - there's your killer!


Seriously, what part of "This is so fucking moronic, it's not funny anymore." don't you understand, Mr. Mayor?

UPDATE: To paraphrase Meatloaf...0 out of 3 ain't bad good.

POP QUIZ (Dead Horse Beating Edition):

Homicidal, gun-toting thugs in Boston are overwhelmingly:

(A) 49-year-old (B) women (C) from Brighton.


Carolyn Cogswell wanted to take part in the Boston Police Department's latest gun buyback program, so yesterday she called 1-888-GUNTIPS, a number the city began advertising last week.

The 49-year-old from Brighton, who wanted to turn in a pistol, thought she had dialed the wrong number when she heard this message: "Hello, you've reached the office of Cecil Jones. I'm not available right now, so leave a name and a brief message, and I'll return your call." She didn't leave a message.

Of course, this will be seen as a great victory for Mayor Menino in his "War on Guns", the disarming of a middle-aged woman from Brighton. Now, if that doesn't take a big bite out of the city's violent crime rate, nothing will.


Also, I have to question Ms. Driscoll's wisdom in going public with this story, essentially advertising her future status as a defenseless potential victim of crime.

"I couldn't believe it -- I don't think people are going to turn in guns if they have to leave their name on 800 lines," Cogswell said. "I thought it was supposed to be anonymous. It seems this is self-defeating."

Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said the number Cogswell reached is correct, but that the officer fielding calls had not changed his voicemail message. The department changed the message yesterday.

And, they also promptly disabled the caller ID on that line.


The revised message informs callers that they have reached the gun tips hotline and refers them to the city's gun buyback Web site,

Which, in turn refers people back to the toll-free tip line and to to the "Aim for Peace" brochure, from which these choice quotes come.

"Aim for Peace" is intended to silence the gun violence in our city...

Much like the "intentions" of our drug laws, or the laws against shooting people in cold blood on the streets of Dorchester at 2:00 in the afternoon, I suppose.

Welcome to the proverbial road to Hell.

Instead, we are encouraging our youth to ... embrace a life of personal responsibility, hope and peace.

But, God forbid, a 38-year-old father of two with no criminal history, whatsoever, should have the nerve to ask the City for permission to actually exercise personal responsibility.

Why, that would lead to ANARCHY, I tell you!

It is our feeling that one less gun on our streets is one less potential death.

"Someone's feeeeeling, my Lord. Kum-bay-a!"

In addition, "Aim for Peace" gives community members an opportunity to easily turn in a weapon and reduce the risk that a gun might be stolen and used for criminal activity.

So, it stands ot reason that our own junior senator, John "Shotgun" Kerry, will be first in line on Monday afternoon at the District 1 Police Station to turn in his "killing machines". You know, so as to set a good example...FOR THE CHILDRENTM!

After all, as the brochure says, they might otherwise get "stolen and used for criminal activity".

If you have access to, or possess a gun, please save a life, and turn that gun in.

Yeah, I still think I'll pass, thanks.