Monday, June 05, 2006

A Little Consistency Would Be Nice

From the Boston Herald, Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy on the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment:

Just like the circus surrounding the Senate's effort to intrude into the Terry Schiavo case, today the Senate will begin debate on the Federal Marriage Amendment - a wholly inappropriate effort to override state courts and to intrude into individuals' private lives and most personal decisions.

"Get the government out of people's bedrooms!", screams the senior senator from Massachusetts from the highest mountaintop.

Unless, of course, they're in your bedroom to confiscate the handgun out of your bedside pistol safe, or the semi-automatic hunting and target rifles locked up in your bedroom closet. Then it's not so bad, I suppose.

It's a vote to impose discrimination on all 50 states, denying them their right to interpret their own state constitutions and to pass their own state laws.

OK, I need a little help here.

Can someone help me find a link to the press release from Kennedy's office, in which he expressed his support for South Dakota's new abortion ban, and his admiration of the courage shown by Governor Mike Rounds when he signed that bill into law last March? Surely, that bill passed muster with such a dedicated defender of state's rights as Senator Kennedy here.

But, I can't seem to find it anywhere.

And after we clear that up, if someone could help me search through the Congressional Record for the impassioned speech the good senator (and stalwart champion of state's rights, don't forget) gave on the floor of the Senate in 2004, speaking out against the federal assault weapons ban and calling for its demise, it would be greatly appreciated.

I must not be using the right search words.

As much as Ted Kennedy and I are on the same side of the issue of same-sex marriage, his words today ring more hollow than an empty keg, abandoned on the quad at ZooMass on the morning after homecoming, when stacked up against his deeds of the past.