Saturday, January 06, 2007

Quote of the Day

With a little dead horse thrashing thrown in for good measure.

"We're from Tennessee. When we see someone we don't know, we get the shotgun[.]"

Here's the story:

When Kyle Winkler came home to his Orange Avenue apartment, he said he saw two people, a man and a teenager, in his apartment. They didn't belong there, so he confronted them and things got ugly fast.

"Tried to shove me over the rail of the second floor. Fight all the way down the stairs," Winkler said.

Luckily, Winkler has a neighbor like Dellavecchia, who not only came running, but came armed.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..."

It's a shame we've turned over control of Congress to people who, as a matter of policy, refuse to share this vision of a "free State".

Speaker Pelosi, et al, would much prefer a State where victims of crime must be reliant on the government to protect them show up after the fact, and file a report, instead of allowing for the "well-regulated militia", of which Mr. Dellavecchia is a member in good standing, to defend their communities from the predatory scum therein.

But, try to curtail any of the rights and privileges they hold dear, and they'll start flying the freedom flag and belly-aching about the sacred nature of personal responsibility, individual liberty, and the people's right to choose - as if they have a friggin' clue as to what they're really talking about.

"I heard my neighbor, Kyle, the big guy, hollering from upstairs, so I took off running up the stairs," Dellavecchia said.

The two suspects tried to run, but when Dellavecchia and his shotgun appeared, the jig was up.

"They didn't move when they saw that thing, that's for sure," Winker said.

No shots fired, no injuries reported, and two scumbags off the streets, thanks to the valiant actions of an armed citizen acting in defense of his community.

Ted Kennedy fucking hates when that happens.